A.School Information

1. Address: No. 62, Sec. 2, Yuan-hua Rd., Sing-ping Village, Jhongli City, Taoyuan County, Taiwan.

2. Coverage area: 20920 m2

3. School district: Neighborhood 1–6, 15-18 of Sing-he Village

Neighborhood 18-21, 25, 28-36 of Shui-wei Village

Neighborhood 11-12, 14-15, 18-22 of Sing-nang Village

Sing-guo Village and Sing-ping Village

4. Class number: 58 general classes and 2 two special classes (1 resource class and 1

special education class)

5. Student number: 1015 male students, 931 female students; total: 1946 students 

6. Faculty number: 1 principal, 91 teachers (including teachers holding administrative job as well), 4 employees, and 5 janitors

B.School’s Management Ideal

l      To assist teachers grow professionally and enhance teaching quality

l      To create better learning environment and inspire learning potentials

l      To facilitate the participation channel for the community and to use education resources well

C.The exchange activity with PoLeung Kuk Chee Jing Yin Primary School of Hong King in 2006


Principal Tian-cong Zhang and Teacher Yen-Fei Liu, and Principal Zhu-Ping Deng and Director Zhuo-lian Cheng etc. having discussion for the exchange plan. Talking to students of Chee Jing Yin Primary School through video conference.

Having conversation with students of Chee Jing Yin Primary School to understand students’ Chinese and English speaking ability and the willingness for exchange. Viewing the live program broadcasted by Chee Jing Yin Primary School through Internet

D.School Map

Address: No. 62, Sec. 2, Yuan-hua Rd., Sing-ping Village, Jhongli City, Taoyuan County, Taiwan.

Telephone: (03) 4258158 Fax: (03) 4258151



Huanbei Rd., Jhongli City Office, Lioho High School, To Taoyuan,

Jhongli Commercial High School, Yi-min Rd., Shin-ming Rd., Sing Guo Elementary School, Yuan-hua Rd., Liu-he Rd., Ci-hui 3rd St.,  Sing Jie Elementary School,


Sing Ming Elementary School, Jhong-yang West Rd., Jhong-shan Rd., Zhog-zheng Rd., Jhong-feng Rd., Yuan-hua Rd., Sing-sheng Rd.,

SOGO, SOGO Building 2, Da-tong Rd., Yan-ping Rd., Park No.7, Fu-sing Rd., Jhong-yan East Rd., Jhong-shan Rd., Jhong-zheng Rd.,  Jhongli Main Station, Jhongli Elementary School, Jhongli Home Economic and Commercial Vocational High School, Yuan-hua Rd.,  Jhong-shan Rd., Pu-yi Rd., Fish Market, TESCO, Tau-feng Industrial and Commercial District


E.School motto

Piety, Honesty, Diligence and Austerity

F.School spirits

Great teachers build great countries

that keep growing higher and going further.

G.School prospects

To prepare students to become healthy, happy, ambitious and creative future adults.


A.Main job for the Academic Affairs Office

In order to conform to the essence of education— being student-centered, the Academic Affairs Office, cooperating with students’ physical and mental development, plans abundant and various courses and incorporates innovative teaching activity into campus to let students acquire the basic learning ability well and happy with the sense of accomplishment during learning, so as to lay a perfect base for lifelong learning.

1.  Implementing Nine-Years Compulsory Education

The well-structured Course Development Group operates actively, plans school courses and develops the leading function in courses fully.

2. Emphasizing on innovative teaching and course development

The school organizes teachers’ groups to edit teaching activity resources in various fields, including various occupations, environmental education, creativity, class reading, incorporation of information into teaching, knowing the world, etc., to enrich the teaching materials for innovative teaching.

3. Assisting teachers in growth in profession

The Academic Affairs Office encourages teachers to have further study in colleges, to attend activity for study and research, and teaching research in and off campus, to enrich professional education knowledge. In accumulation, 12 teachers had further study for bachelor degree. In the 2005 academic year, 2126 teachers attended workshop with the average of 130 hours of workshop for each teacher.

4. Enhance incorporation of information into teaching

The Academic Affairs Office establishes Sin Guo Digital Radio Station, digital learning center, information equipment in classrooms, e-library, e-professional classrooms, etc. to help teachers integrate information technology into various fields of teaching and thus elevate learning efficiency.

B. Main job for the Student Affairs Office

Management is not the emphasis for the Student Affairs Office any more. The objective is to lead students to develop well and properly. Since 2003, the clubs have increased year by year to the number of 24 and are all well-performed. The hokey team got in the top three many times in the county-level and national games. The ping-pong team won the second place in middle-grade group and the third place in high-grade group in 2006. The students won countless prizes in arts competition, including all the top three places for Tax Education Arts Competition, the first prize in World Peace Award, and the excellent award in Japanese Children Art Contest. The wind band, after establishing for one and half year, won the first place in county contest in 2006 and won the excellent award in the national game. The school promotes education for safety, law, and health etc. through digital learning station and contest, elevating students’ related knowledge. In addition, the school holds the field trip, sports activity and swimming teaching to strengthen students’ body and swimming skill, implements health and hygiene education to develop good habits, develops students’ introspection ability through the system of the honor flag and games machine, sets up the election for the student leader and autonomous organizations to develop students’ ability for independent thinking and solution.

The Student Affairs Office appreciates the volunteers from the community, who help the student affairs develop well.

Class Performanc

Dance and Health Drills Contest


Photos of activities for promotion of leducation in laws, prevention of drawning, prevention of swindle, and health and hygiene.


Art club

Wind band club

Pottery club

Tai-kuan club

Various club activities


Hokey club

Ping-pong club


Volunteers on duty and the meeting activity


C. Main job for the General Affairs Office

The general Affairs Office establishes a warm, happy and safe learning paraise with spacious campus, various playing facilitis popular for students and ecologial edication teaching zone. With the advanced classrooms, teachers apply modern information devices to present the efficiency in multiple teaching. The General Affairs Office wishes every student with helathy body, happy mood and innovative values.


science classroom with information equipment

Playing area with safe facilities

barrier-free environment

science classroom with information equipment

The campus is open for the public in the community to exercise

Information equipment in every classroom

equipment in the computer classroom

digital learning center

greenized and ecologized campus


Sing Guo Digital Radio Station


D. Main job for the Counselling Office

With the basis of counselling, teaching without descrimination and with various proper ways, the Counselling Office hopes to harmounize the relationship among students, parents and teachers to enhance parents’ knowledge of being parents, to assist students to develop and discover their potential, to encourage excellent performance for students, and to solve the problem in accomadating for students.

Tea meeting with the Principal for the honoral students

Development and training activity for volunteering counsellers

Expert’s lecture on parents’ education

Meeting for parents of freshmen

The Counselling Office holds the activity of parents’ education day to enhance the contact between the school and the family, inspiring parents to concern with the education issues and hope to develop the function of parents’ education, so as to help students to develop sound physical and mental developent.

Flea market

Cooking activity


The Counselling Office hopes to estalbish the harmonious relationship in campus with love and without barrier, and teach every child ti know and respect the value of life.

The art contest for life education and gender equality

The experiencing activity for life education and physically and mentally-challenged education


A.Establishment and Recruitment

The school was established in August 1991, with the ideal to become the happy school with abundant courses , warm environment, and learning paradise.

Started recruiting officially on August 1st, 1994, with 28 classes in total at that time

Incumbent Principal: Principal Tian-cong Zhang

B. Former Principals

First Principal Dong-long Guo (Aug. 1991 ~ Aug. 1999)

Second Principal Shin-jin Lai (Aug. 1999~Feb. 2003)

Deputy Principal Shi-teng Peng (Feb. 2003~Aug. 2003)

Incumbent Principal Tian-cong Zhang (Aug. 2003~)

C. Former Chairperson for Parent Teacher Association

First Chairperson: Mr. Yong-kang Tong (the 1994 academic year)

Second Chairperson: Ms. Ming-mei Lui (the 1995 academic year)

Third Chairperson: Mr. Li-fu Lui (the 1996 academic year)

Fourth Chairperson: Mr. Zheng-qun Wu (the 1997, 1998 academic year)

Fifth Chairperson: Mr. Wen-bin Lin (the 1999 academic year)

Sixth Chairperson: Mr. Ying-quan Hsu (the 2000, 2001 academic year)

Seventh Chairperson: Mr. Yuan-han Yu (the 2002 academic year)

Eighth Chairperson: Mr. Yue-ting Zhong (the 2003 academic year)

Ninth Chairperson: Mr. Tain-jing Zhong (the 2004 academic year)

Tenth Chairperson: Mr. Ya-xing Dai (the 2005 academic year)

D. Structure of the Parent Teacher Association

Elect 60 committee members from representatives selected by each class (three to five representatives for each class). Then committee members will elect 25 standing committee and one chairperson who will assign six vice chairpersons.


 Website: http://www.sgps.tyc.edu.tw

Tel: 886-3- 4258158

Fax: 886-3- 4258181